What I’m you up to right now

I’ve ended my little experiment of becoming a teacher because I had to learn that this (school) is not a healthy place for me. 
In a way it makes me a bit sad, because teaching is still something I like a lot – and I am grateful for the reassurance I’ve received over the last few months, that my performance as a teacher obviously isn’t too bad.

For now I’m going back to what I’ve done before: freelance consulting and software development. – And I can tell you that it feels really good!

For the next 4 weeks I want to focus on:

  1. Calming down a bit and establishing a healthy routine for my daily life.
  2. Reminding my friends that I still exist (although those last few months must have felt to them as if this wasn’t the case).
  3. Fighting hard for one project day per week and use it to dig deeper into zeroui concepts.

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