What I’m you up to right now

The last weeks have been quite a ride. On the one hand at verkstedt we‘re in the middle of a rollout phase, which always means that there‘s plenty of work and lots of fine-grained communication to be done. But on top of that the Corona thing (and let me replace the generic term with what it actually is: the Corona pandemic) came.

I‘m totally aware of the fact that once again all my privileges kicked in and lead to a situation which does actually not feel that bad. – Especially compared to so many others! But everybody has his own reality and so even on my sunny little island the transition felt pretty stressful.

At verkstedt we‘ve sent the whole team into homeoffice and established a way how we can translate our processes and rituals into a remote setup. And thanks to the team who played along really really well, that was quite some work but – even more important – quite a success as well. That means things are running smoothly and we‘ve just had our first successful Boardgame Night playing Batman on tabletopia.com. 🙂

At home we‘re taking advantage of the fact that wee now have a (rather large) garden and with all the different things growing there, we‘re on our way to become self-catering (not really, but there will definitely be arugula for the broader neighborhood).

All in all it‘s a crazy time that is hard for me to grasp.
Work: normal, everyday life: almost normal, but no travel, no contact with friends and family – and what’s the worst: no idea how long this is going to last (and I‘m not talking about how many weeks!).

And don‘t get me wrong, Corona might not be such a risk to me personally, but it is to people in my closest circles – and that does make it real to me for sure!

This “Now” was page inspired by Derek Sivers. Its last update was April 19, 2020 at 10:45 am.