Next term I’m going to host my first regular course at the Beuth University here in Berlin and I’m really looking forward to it! It’s an in introduction to software technologies for freshmen who are studying Digital Business Administration.

At first I wasn’t completely sure if this would be the right thing for me, but I found the preparation to be a lot of fun.

The real challenge here is not so much the complexity of the topics but the didactic reduction. Not only are the things I can expect them to know rather limited, we also have a huge number of topics to discuss and very, very little time to do this.

So over next few weeks I’m going to document some of my experiences and learnings here. One thing I already found out is that there are a lot of lecturers out there who know how to hack and automate the boring stuff away. That’s great to see and definitely worth a post, so I will share my own setup (which is still kinda boring, compared to what I found).