What I’ve been up to – in August 2018

This is an archived version of my NOW page of August 2018

Around my birthday a lot of my friends from all over Europe were in town. It felt incredibly great to have them around me for a few days and I was a bit stunned to see how easy things can be. No lengthy discussions, no explanations or justifications about who I am, how I’m doing things and why. – What a relief!

We simply had a great time and did stuff like visiting ‘The Polaroid Project’ exhibition at c/o berlin.

Since I’ve been toying around with Polaroids for quite some time now, to me that was pretty exciting. And it I finally made me doing more with my Lomo’Instant Automat  (something I definitely should have done earlier).

Apart from that, I’m enjoying my vinyls a lot these days and I’ve started to grow my collection again. Not too long, I guess, until I will be back to the same volume I was when we moved to Vienna (and I had to get rid of several hundred records).

verkstedt has just turned 1 and I’m humbled and pleased to see what it has become. With a new setup in place that should set the direction for the coming few years, mine and our main focus is now to stabilize it, so that we all can operate focussed and productively in a positive and relaxed environment.

Written by Alexander Thomas