What I‘ve been up to – in November 2018

This is an archived version of my NOW page of November 2018

One day in spring next year, I will look back and start laughing about this hilarious second half of 2018 that I – together with a lot of great people around me – managed to get under control and finally lead to a success. But this moment has obviously not yet come and so I’m currently running, fire fighting, doing calls, flying through the country to have more meetings and making decisions over decisions.

And slowly but surely I can see things start moving into the right direction. Some of the projects we have been working on are about to be launched and after my private home was flooded some weeks ago, I now have a temporary apartment where we can stay. – Things could be worse. A lot! But the amount of power it currently needs is enormous!

verkstedt is still doing fine. Lately we’ve started to grow a bit more. Nothing dramatic, just enough people to get more stuff done, but that means we will move into another office. Most likely still at Space Shack – which would be nice!

By the way, I’ve decided to start archiving my Now pages because they’ve become valuable memories for me and I want to preserve them.

Written by Alexander Thomas