Alexander Thomas

Books I like

Unlike all music-related topics, I feel far less close to my comfort zone when it comes to books. But that's what makes it even more interesting to deal with, doesn't it?

And just like a really good album, books have the potential to change your life in the long term. So welcome to my list of books that really mean something to me. Expect this list to grow much slower than all the others....

Fortress of solitude – Jonathan Lethem

A coming of age story, mixed with nerd culture and the upcoming HipHop scene of New York in the 70's? No wonder that this is one of my all time favs!

I love how the protagonist dreams himself into a world where he is a superhero and can very well understand how he gets there and how it helps him to cope with all the things around him, which are too much for a young teenager.

A great book!

Wie wollen wir leben – Peter Bieri

There is no english version of this book (at least none that I would be aware of).

Foucault's Pendulum – Umberto Eco

Yes, this book is partly unreadable if you're not as smart or as deep into literature as Umberto Eco himself seems to be.

And yes, that does not make this book not more accessible. BUT: the way this book discusses conspiracy myths and how these things come into existence is nothing less than fantastic and while reading it a couple of years ago for the first time (it helps reading it more than once), I was constantly surprised to see how up to date this book actually is. Thanks to the internet the super geeky niche topic Eco is writing about became a global phenomenon, changing our whole society (not necessarily for the better).