Alexander Thomas

Me right now

This year has been a tough one. To me, to my family and to a lot of people I care deeply about.

People have passed, things have fallen apart. All that not so nice stuff.

It wasn't the most terrible year of my life, but a hard one that requires you to keep going no matter what (even if there is no clear path to see at a particular point in time).

At the same time, great things are happening as well. Of course! Since when does life make sense and would offer any kind of consistency?

I'm still in one piece, verkstedt is still going strong. Life is happening.

My wife and I have declared August the official start of the second half of the year. The part where everything is significantly more lightweight. Pink and fluffy.

To be honest, it hasn't worked on each and every day since, but it gives us guidance to focus on recharging our batteries and allowing us to take it a bit slow every now and then.

One step at a time.