Alexander Thomas

Me right now

I'm currently on a mini-sabbatical taking June and July off. To my own surprise it has occurred to me that this is the first longer break I've taken in the last, well, 20 years! 😳
So it's about time!

I'm using the time to visit my friends who are spread across Europe. That's why I'm writing this in Vienna, while I will be spending next week in Frankfurt.

Picture of my beloved Renault 4.

And I'm planning to travel to Lofoten. In a 32 years old Renault 4! This will definitely be an adventure. Either because of the friendly people and the stunning nature or because of the night we got stranded on a deserted country road somewhere in Sweden waiting for the tow truck to save us. – Let's see!

No, this adventure will not happen. At least not this year. I'm super disappointed, but due to unforseen circumstances (which weren't debatable) we had to change plans. What a shame! Fortunately we were able to handle this 'situation' and now I'm really looking forward to relax for a couple of days before work starts again in August.

Workwise I feel like we're ahead of schedule. Nana and I had the chance to spend some time discussing what we want to focus on next. That's not exactly trivial as there's no one telling us which way to go and we constantly have to figure it out ourselves. Therefore there is nothing like a master plan, but more something like a north star we agreed on to follow for the next months to come.

As always this will be challenging, but I'm happy to have a new mission I believe in and a goal I feel committed to work towards.