Alexander Thomas

Music I made

There was a time in my life where music production was by far the most important thing. I was kind of living in a recording studio in Kreuzberg, where we would meet every day in the late afternoon/early evening and work on tracks until four or five in the morning (and it was a constant adventure to either catch the last bus or wait until the first one).

After some pretty not so great experiences (nothing terrible, just stuff most musicians have to deal with in one way or another), I decided that I don't want (and maybe also cannot) make a living from it. Of course that didn't mean I stopped producing music, but it changed the setup for good.

I still produced more music and even had my own little 'label' called Berlienna with friends from Berlin and Vienna, but there's no denying that music has turned into a hobby.

Making music kept on being the defining thing for me for a long time (I'm working as a Software Developer, but actually I'm...) and it has taken many years to leave this behind.

Today when thinking about it, there's a little touch of melancholy, but I'm honestly fine with how things have turned out. The only thing I'm not so happy about is that currently I'm not really doing anything. Let's see if that will change at one point or if making music is just a thing I used to live for...

Anyway, as with a lot of music, many of the things I have produced haven't aged very well. But some are actually still pretty nice. I like both categories as all these beats, tracks, sketches and accidents are part of my musical journey. – But to be honest, the ones that still sound fresh are of course my favorites! 😝

Busy saying nothing – fanatique feat K. Menches

Sampling My Life (dub style) – fanatique

Hit Me (With The Rhythm) – Tru' Geniuz!

chericherilady – Schalter